Ms. Yuliati Purnomo

Yuliati Purnomo“Since my graduation from bible school, I am privileged to be one of Zion Fellowship’s missionaries to my own country with a special job of translating and editing Zion Christian Publisher’s books into my own language.

To date, by the grace of God, I have translated/edited 39 books, 12 Teachers’ Manuals, and many syllabi, tests/answers for bible school courses. Over the years, people have shared with me how they have been blessed by the rich and anointed teachings through these books and courses. As a bible teacher to the youth group in my local church, I have the wonderful opportunity to impart these precious truths which I have gleaned from these books to them.

Hence, I am confident that you too will be blessed by these courses at ZMIS.”

Ms. Yuliati Purnomo
Graduate of Hebron Ministerial Institute, Waverly, NY, 1989
Book Translator, Zion Fellowship International
Agape Community Center, Jakarta, Indonesia.