Mr. Lim

“In ZMIS, the emphasis of Zion gives me the ongoing vision to press forward; and the focus on character, ability and productivity help me to align my life towards profitable and lasting fruits in the kingdom of God. Like bread to the eater, I have been well fed by the many Spirit quickened lessons, that so often resulted in deep conviction and stirrings in my spirit. These Spirit-filled lessons have been an absolute help to me. I continue to reap good investment returns from ZMIS.”
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Mrs Adeline Chua

“My study and experience in Zion was one epic journey, which I thoroughly enjoyed. When I first enrolled in 2010, I never imagined how profoundly enlightening it would be. From the onset to the completion of my degree in 2013, I acquired much knowledge and depth of insight from the hours of rigorous reading and audio teaching. I also gleaned much wisdom from the instructors, who taught with such clarity and conviction. I really appreciate them. The course is spiritually and intellectually stimulating, at the same time, it is also practical. The lessons learnt and wisdom gained have equipped and empowered me to minister, counsel, preach and teach the Word. It has prepared me well for my pastoral ministry. Thank God for Zion!” read more

Mrs Sharon Ler

“The courses in ZMIS are well structured for those who seek to learn more about God’s Word. Completing each course during my personal bible study time, I find myself greatly blessed by the teachings of the instructors and growing in appreciation of the truths in God’s Word. This is strongly recommended to anyone seeking to further their study and knowledge of God’s Word.” read more

Mrs S. Tan

“I decided to do a course conducted by ZMIS when my family was relocating to a remote part of China where fellowship and congregational worship was scarce. I felt that besides my personal devotion time, I need some form of spiritual feeding and discipline in studying the Word of God to keep me going in my walk with the Lord.
The ZMIS course has been a tremendous blessing to me. The studies have been a faithful companion, a constant encourager and a wonderful teacher through those years of living in a remote habitation. The teaching in ZMIS is beyond an impartation of knowledge, it is also practical and applicable in my daily life. The study is often reflective and it never ceases to challenge me to keep moving forward with our dear Lord Jesus. Even now I have returned to a place with freedom of worship, I continue to enjoy the studies and apply what I have learned to be a blessing to the people around me.” read more

Ms Eve Yeo

“Signing up and persevering through the study of Zion program was one of the best decisions I have made. It creates a discipline to keep myself on a continuous journey to study the Word of God. At the beginning of each year, I would spend a few days to be with the Lord and each year, He has not ceased to emphasize to me the importance of continuing the study of this program with ZMIS. The late Dr. Brian Bailey is a spiritual grandfather I deeply respect (and miss!) and it is my honor to learn from him and his books.” read more

Ms Jessica R.

“I have gained so much insight in the exposition of truths found in the Word of God through ZMIS courses. The courses are well structured; the text easy to comprehend and most importantly, I am able to apply the principles in my every day living. What I also found helpful was the flexibility of studying at my own pace. I am now using what I’ve learnt to teach in my church through small groups and Bible study programs.” read more

Rev. Hazeil Minoza

Hazeil Minoza“My training in Zion Ministerial Institute, Philippines has laid a very solid foundation both in my Christian life and ministry. The lessons learnt have given me stamina and longevity in this journey and an onward progressive vision for a growing intimacy with the Lord and to live a life of obedience.

I’m currently pastoring a Filipino congregation in Singapore and I still carry in my heart the progressive vision of winning Christ and this is what I teach my congregation to do read more

Rev. Cameron Walcott

Cameron Walcott“My studies at Zion Ministerial Institute and Zion University greatly aided me in my preparation for the ministry.  Studying at Zion gave me a brand new perspective on God’s calling for each of His followers, and encouraged me to live and minister with an eternal perspective.  The lessons I have learned at Zion have stuck with me throughout the years and I have sought to impart these same lessons to others in many different nations of the world. read more

Mrs Eileen Lua

Eileen Lua“The 2 years I spent studying the Word of God in Zion Ministerial Institute was perhaps one of the most fruitful and rewarding experiences of my life. I developed a love and respect for the Word of God, had the opportunity to glean first hand from godly teachers in ZMI. Though it’s been quite a few years since graduating, I still refer to my notes and study materials frequently.

To this day, the Lord continues to work deep in my heart the spiritual lessons and disciplines that were taught during my ZMI days. read more

Ms. Yuliati Purnomo

Yuliati Purnomo“Since my graduation from bible school, I am privileged to be one of Zion Fellowship’s missionaries to my own country with a special job of translating and editing Zion Christian Publisher’s books into my own language.

To date, by the grace of God, I have translated/edited 39 books, 12 Teachers’ Manuals, and many syllabi, tests/answers for bible school courses. read more