A Message from the Founder of Zion Christian University

According to 13th century tradition, the prophet Samuel presided over the world’s first university, which consisted of “the sons of the prophets.” It was organized in the colleges at Bethel, Kirjath-sepher and Kirjath-sannah (cf. 2 Kgs. 2:3-5). The puritan fathers of Harvard University accepted this with uncritical alacrity. In fact, Nathaniel Rogers made mention of this tradition in his valedictory oration at the Harvard Commencement in 1652.

In more modern times, the University of Paris (called the First School of the Church) was the pattern from which all the great universities of the world, such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard, modeled themselves. The University of Paris was established by the Church, and all masters and scholars were either priests or potential priests. Medieval universities were distinctly purposeful in that they sought to train students for the ministry, and with the Reformation, this goal was seen as the proper function of a university. In the conception of the University of Paris, no land or buildings pertained to the University. Teaching was carried out in various churches (St. Julius le Paurve in Paris; St. Mary the Virgin in Oxford; Great St. Mary’s in Cambridge).

In medieval Europe, a college was a corporation established within a university to provide board and lodging for small groups of students. By the 1600s, however, these colleges had absorbed the responsibility for most of the teaching, and the universities granted degrees to those who had satisfactorily met the requirements of the university. One of the great battles that ensued over the ages was between those who espoused liberal arts and philosophy and the pious, Christians, who were not slow to point out that Aristotle, the father of philosophy, was a pagan. These devout Christians saw no reason to include his teachings in their curriculums.

The goals of Zion Christian University are as follows: to incorporate a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, to teach and interpret the Holy Scriptures under the mantle of the Teacher (the Blessed Holy Spirit) to glorify God the Father, and to know and teach His ways at all times.

God has raised up Zion Christian University to propagate the vision of Zion. By the grace of God, we seek to impart this vision to all of our students. Therefore, we, the Board of Zion Christian University, submit the following curriculum to teach the ways of Zion, which are the ways of a Holy God as Scripture so clearly sets forth. Our purpose is to give a very sound education in the areas of character, ability (with respect to the Holy Scriptures), and productivity—seeking to encourage the students to live a very productive and purposeful life by fulfilling God’s will for their lives.

One of the preponderant complaints dating way back to the early thirteenth century was that students wanted to obtain a degree without doing any work. May we say that Zion Christian University does not endorse such lackadaisical standards. The old maxim—“Early to bed, early to rise makes a student healthy, wealthy, and wise”—still holds true. Hard and diligent study is enjoined upon all of our students so that they might be thoroughly equipped for the service of the Master. Our prayer is that you will give Zion Christian University the opportunity to help you further your education in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Word. God bless you!

Dr. Brian J. Bailey
Founder (1925-2012)